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The premature optimism that the WiFi key finder, the WiFi password hacker software given out by thewifihacker which is flourishing around the internet and reaching everyone's ears recently, will stay in the internet world of applications for an aeon of time, is entirely immature. These companies, which are against the WiFi key finder, carry a lot of clout in the real world that they could make the creators of the application vanish from this world. While this may remain just a rhetoric, the application's creators won't be murdered, not to worry, they will use their clout they carry to legally stop this WiFi hacking tool. Just about everybody will sympathize with me that this WiFi hacking tool doesn't deserve to be gone, but will in the same breath add that WiFi key finder is an application of its own class, and deserves to be preserved by this corrupt-driven society full of money-looting profit-making telecom companies.


WiFi is gaining more love by users in the recent years!


There will invariably, be a snippet on the ISP provider's company to personally approach the creators of this WiFi hacking tool, which is the only application to prove hacking WiFi passwords isn't difficult after all, to take down the application and probably threaten them in cinematic ways, that the meek creators would just give up. But if we assume an ab initio intent to grow this application in this luxurious little amount of time, we can actually save the WiFi key finder and its creators from the immoral people. Their indifference to consumer's goodwill and negligence of the consumer's genuine needs is brought to limelight, with the release of the WiFi key finder, when the official website of the WiFi hacking tool was taken down, for the non-adherence and non-compliance of the government rules regarding the release of the application. What warranted this move is the grim reality that even the government is unware of the benefits of the WiFi key finder, and is corrupted and are dictated by the money bribed by the telecom conglomerate corporates. Reportedly, this application has been labelled as the "prime culprit", as it is a manifestation of a WiFi password hack, and shouldn't be accessible to the general public, by the corrupt government itself. WiFi key finder, which was expected to be unviable at the release of the application, turned out to be so viable, that people ditched all other WiFi hacking tools and use WiFi key finder as the only stand-alone application in the concept of WiFi hacking in their desktop. This application, WiFi key finder, can drive many private players of the world in investing in this company. This is the potential of the one WiFi hacking application, and the government policies should aid in the springing up of these application rather than stymieing it. Just a month after the WiFi key finder release, 54015 downloads have been reported which is yet another remainder of the WiFi hacking tool's lucrative market in today's demand. Want to finish this article by saying the WiFi key finder is the only application which will satisfy you insatiable demand for free WiFi.